@artnetinstagram Instagram Profile 28 July, 2018

Interesting object. I saw two flying objects with many shining colors but it was cloudy and I couldn’t see what form they had. Maybe any new drones.

@mtrob4321 Instagram Profile 28 July, 2018

I saw one of those above green park - just assumed it was something to do with the apocalypse and carried on with my day

@bt_uk Instagram Profile 30 July, 2018

Hi, @lukemillerphoto we love your video! We would really like to use your video on our social accounts, crediting you. Would you please confirm that it’s your video and you’re happy for us to use it?

@bt_uk Instagram Profile 30 July, 2018

Thanks @Lukemillerphoto , Your video is now live on our channels:


@lucienrobertscannon Instagram Profile 30 July, 2018

It’s probably someone’s shopping bag that they littered nothing Extra Terrestrial

@ufojanetx Instagram Profile 4 August, 2018

Wow I am curious to know more! Thanks for sharing ! 👽✌️

@shay_shay_kay Instagram Profile 9 August, 2018

It’s the International Space Station. It’s flying close to Earth until Aug 22